Since a well-conceived technology solution is fundamental for your success, we provide a team of professional technical consultants who can assist you in selecting the right custom software solution by analyzing functional, technical, operational, and financial requirements. All our consulting engagements start with defining and understanding your business issues. Not only do our consultants grasp your specific needs, but also strive to apprehend exactly what you seek. With such attention to detail, our team of business and technical consultants undertakes a profound requirements analysis, needs assessments and strategic planning, resulting in elaboration of a Statement of Work document covering all issues required for your custom software design and development.

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  • Work Orders Solutions

    Work order management solutions enable FSM companies to keep track of important client details and work information. Completing quality work more quickly and at less cost is critical for the success of every Field service operation company. Solutions of work order optimize the management of field workers along with time and cost management. Managing work orders from initiation to completion is very complex and Field Service professionals don’t have time to handle complicated software or applications. They need to be able to deploy solutions that are simple, yet effective. Request Quote Learn More

  • Scheduling

    ITLS has designed one of the best Field Service Management Applications, which is user friendly and customizable according to client’s business and needs. It is gaining popularity in Business Industry because of the facilitation it provides to the users from beginning to the end. Clarity and comprehensiveness are the sole features where minute details of any business have been taken into consideration making it a Business Intelligent App. Request Quote Learn More

  • Dispatching and Appointments management

    Dispatching is a process of allocating technicians, vehicles or resources to customers. It is of great importance in Field Service Management as the success or failure of any field operation depends on it. Although there are a number of manual dispatch systems that help allocate techs and vehicles, the process is complex and if not considerably planned, the system is prone to failure/fail. Therefore, an effective and efficient automated dispatch system comes in handy to help avoid failures and setbacks. Between scheduling and deploying your fleet and technicians, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. ITLink Solutions make dispatching and appointment management easy with the right type of software solutions. Our dynamic mobile and web-based applications help schedule the right people with the right skill at the right time. Request Quote Learn More

  • Intuitive Dashboards

    ITLS believes that simplification of processes in designing FSM software application has aided in running the app more quickly which gives unparalleled satisfaction to our customers. Intuitive dashboard means business Intelligence enabling accurate and quick decision making.   Ease of Access : The purpose of a revolutionized, intuitive and interactive dashboard is to get an instant insight into all KPIs (key Performance Indicators) of a business e.g. data related to your business in Real time. You get real time important details regarding all calls, jobs, schedules, visits, tasks, that need to be accessed by you on a daily basis and multiple times. Request Quote Learn More

  • Mobile Apps for Technicians

    Our FSM software provides mobile service app for field service technicians where they can use their mobile phones, tablets or iPad on the service location to get their jobs done in an efficient and accurate manner. Using mobile app, the whole field service platform is visible on technician’s palm to increase ease of service. Technicians enjoy communication platform like managers and dispatchers, and remain well coordinated with all the steps of their assigned jobs and job prerequisites. Technicians remain focused on providing the service they are asked for. Paperless work enhances efficiency of the field workers many folds. Because manual documentation had been a tedious job. Request Quote Learn More

  • Routing and Tracking

    FSM app has automated field services by the use of latest technology where routing and tracking of field workers is done using Google Maps with Global positioning system (GPS).Real time traffic information help avoid hindrance of workers movement by calamities such as traffic Jams and bad weather etc. This forecast leads to intelligent route optimization where field workers are made most productive by adopting time saving route thus ensuring minimum driving time and fuel consumption, while ensuring customer satisfaction. Request Quote Learn More

  • Estimates and Invoicing

    Estimation and Invoicing has been automated by ITLS Field Service Management solution. Our Mobile app can be easily used by the mobile team workers in real time to generate estimates/quotes for the customers. These estimates are kept on hold, till approved by the customer for the rendered services. Quick quoting makes the customers to take decision on the spot .This feature helps in generating leads in the business, so smart estimation process also serves as marketing of the company using our FSM solution. Our multidimensional FSM App keeps our customers happy and contented as ROI (return on investment) increases drastically. Request Quote Learn More

  • Accounting and Inventory

    Field Service Management is a mobile business where mobile devices like smartphones, iPad and tablets etc. are used by field workers. These field workers always remain in “Ready to Go” state due to using FSM mobile apps. One job accomplishment leads to another and the whole day passes like this, from beginning to the end. Mobile accounting or bookkeeping is a vigilant task and cannot be overlooked for even fraction of a second. ITLS FSM app has made the user able to keep the Accounts and Inventory in order, while the worker is on the move. Request Quote Learn More

  • Customer engagement

    Customer engagement is the result of eagerly building and maintaining great customer relations, through exceptional customer experiences. ITLink knows how important customers are for your business. Which is why our solutions have been developed keeping the focus primarily on customers and their needs. We specialize in helping the companies implement great customer strategies, which in turn result in increased revenue and reduced costs. Clients are more likely to trust those businesses that value their interests. Request Quote Learn More

  • Project management

    With our years of proven performance and being a leading innovator, we meet the business needs of our clients. We provide customizable solutions that go beyond basic business management and reporting to help in faster and easy ways. For organizations that provide Field Force management services, we offer comprehensive work and Project Management solutions. Out technology makes it easy to manage everything from the start of the project towards the end in an organized and proactive fashion. Whether it’s about creating work orders or assigning workers to do a specific job, managing the trucks or tracking the inventory, checking the location of dispatched technicians or resources, the project management solutions help supervise overall performance throughout the project lifecycle. Request Quote Learn More

  • Cloud solutions

    Our company recognizes the importance of cloud computing and its growing use in the technological industry. Since cloud-based solutions have a lot of benefits, integration with our cloud services gives you the added advantage of managing field work easily with flexibility and ease of access. Our solutions are developed on SaaS model and are accessible from various devices and locations. With our unique operations model, you get elastic, pay-as-you-use, multi-tenant and on-demand cloud services. Deployment on multiple platforms can be made possible. The solutions can be deployed on MS Azure or Amazon AW and can be integrated with the different services that these platforms provide. Request Quote Learn More

  • Integration

    With the ever-growing rise in easy-to-implement technological solutions, the field work management becomes easier like never before. We offer a wide range of integration options which can help upgrade your business according to current trends. Make your work easy by choosing to integrate with different platform and services. Whether it’s the google maps, Waze or apple maps you’re integrating with, your techs can be tracked easily, your customer can be located instantly and you can trace your resources or map locations effortlessly. Got a whole fleet to track? Integrations with TomTom would serve the purpose. You can track your fleet, know the current locations of your workers and push job-related information instantly. Request Quote Learn More