Since a well-conceived technology solution is fundamental for your success, we provide a team of professional technical consultants who can assist you in selecting the right custom software solution by analyzing functional, technical, operational, and financial requirements. All our consulting engagements start with defining and understanding your business issues. Not only do our consultants grasp your specific needs, but also strive to apprehend exactly what you seek. With such attention to detail, our team of business and technical consultants undertakes a profound requirements analysis, needs assessments and strategic planning, resulting in elaboration of a Statement of Work document covering all issues required for your custom software design and development.

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  • Web Application Development

    For more than 15 years ITLink Solutions have been offering Web Application and Software Development Services to individuals as well as businesses. The software developers that we have possesses years of experience in developing easiest to complex projects. More specifically, we have successfully rendered Web Development Services, Microsoft SharePoint Solutions, Offshore Software Development Services, IT Solutions, Web Content Management Systems CMS, Web Based Application Development Services and much more. Moreover, we have also developed complex applications that deals with bulk amount of data. We have a successful track record because we always believed in offering innovative, adaptive and trustworthy solutions that complements your business. Request Quote Learn More

  • Work Orders Solutions

    There are three essential things that creates a need of Work Order solutions; time management, cost management, and workforce management. The solution offers businesses with a user-friendly platform through which they can ensure that they are not getting overstaffed and keep an eye on cost and time management in an optimum way while dealing with a particular task. Request Quote Learn More

  • Appointment & Dispatching Solutions

    Nowadays appointment and dispatching solutions works as an integral part in overall organizational success especially for a services business. These solutions offers companies with a platform through which they can manage their resources and time proficiently and productively while dealing with the particular work order. Moreover, it provides companies with an opportunity to ensure that the right job is done by the right person.

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  • EMR/EHR Solutions

    At any healthcare services center they cannot offer unmatchable care to patients without swift and secure access to patients’ information. Here comes the Electronic Health Records (EHRs) which offers systematic collection of digital data related to patients’ health. EHR solutions brings together clinics, community care centers, provincial & regional healthcare authorities, hospitals and other medical professionals to offer a complete information about patient medical history, irrespective of the geographical location.Request Quote Learn More

  • Scheduling Systems

    Nowadays planning and scheduling have become a need for all types of businesses whether it is an IT or non-IT business. The scheduling system is an effective way to reduce overhead by making sure the company is not getting overstaffed together with help in minimizing the overall budget of completing any particular task with optimal time management.

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  • Mobile Application Development

    Building up an application is not something that can be done overnight in fact, it requires a lot of effort and time to do so. Whether you are influenced by some fancy apps or you are more into simple yet appealing apps, ITLink Solutions mobile application development services can fulfill all of your requirements. Request Quote Learn More